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Starting Therapy

It helps to know a little info as you begin the therapeutic process with me. Here are some of the things that can be helpful to know.

  1. People Change – quickly or slowly, by leaps or by steps.

    1. In general, for the most part, people change.
    2. I’m not the same as I was 10 years ago. And you’re likely aren’t the same either. Like, you’ve matured since high school, right?
    3. We are all old, at least older than we were, and have experienced many things, learning more and more each time, even on a daily basis.
    4. In nature, change is the rule: everything is changing and everything is growing. In fact, if it doesn’t change then it’s not alive.
    5. Before coming here, you didn’t know what this would be like, and now you do know what it is like to be here now.
    6. In therapy, I have watched as some of my clients have changed very quickly, within only 1, 2, or 3 sessions, while most have been changing very slowly weekly but consistently.
    7. A few have even changed overnight, while most are changing in very small steps, always headed in the right direction.
  2. People Are Changing – already and keep changing.

    1. In fact most people find that they have already been making changes to improve their life before coming to therapy.
    2. Even the steps you have taken to get here are actually huge! It takes a lot to arrange your life to be here now. Some of the existential persuasion may even say each moment stretching back over your entire life has finally lead up to this very moment. What a feat!
    3. So, I want to congratulate you on taking a detour from the road your life has been on and taking a chance with finding a new path, starting here and leading into your brighter future. 
    4. Why not use this momentum to your advantage, to continue the process of improving, growing, and finding a better way?
  3. How It Works – counterintuitive and doesn’t always make sense.

    1. Oftentimes people don’t understand why or how therapy works. And that’s alright.
    2. Luckily, you don’t need to understand to get better.
    3. If you are surprised to find that you’ve already been changing for the better, then just go with it. Do more of what works.
    4. We may talk about things or I may say things that you don’t understand, that don’t make sense, or that even seem counter-intuitive. That’s ok. When we establish your goals, you can rest assured that whatever I suggest, no matter how curious, is meant to get you closer to your goals in a respectful and compassionate way.
    5. I started my successful and thriving private practice after a bleak period of unemployment. If you think about how your life has changed for the better in the past, you’ll realize that the catalysts, the precursors, the things that led to those changes don’t really make much sense. You couldn’t have possibly understand the impact they would have, and yet they still helped you.
    6. There are many things happening outside of your conscious awareness, too many for you possibly notice, let alone understand. And yet, they are all trying to help you reach some goal.
  4. Know What Works – do it more.

    1. If it works, I mean really works, then keep doing it.
    2. If it doesn’t work, try out a different strategy.
    3. Essential to personal growth is your willingness to experiment, to try out different ways of thinking or acting.
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