My fees for individual therapy and couples counseling are $40 for the first 50-min session, then $100 for each 50-min session thereafter. See below for more detailed information on fees and insurance. See About My Practice for info about my services, specialties, and my treatment approaches.


  • I accept payments from your Health Savings Account (HSA) or Flex Spending Account (FSA).
    I accept HUSKY, but I cannot accept other insurance payments because I am considered an “out-of-network” provider. However, many plans will reimburse you for a percentage of the cost. After you pay for a visit, I’ll give you the insurance forms and receipts, so all you have to do is mail them to your insurance company. Please call your plan first to make sure they cover out-of-network providers and to see how much they’ll reimburse you.
  • See more info about Insurance Details

My Fees

Payments are collected before providing services, so you are notified of fees beforehand to give you the opportunity to decline services before any charges are made.

  • Initial individual/couple Evaluation (i.e., the 1st session)(#90791) – $40 for 50 minutes.
  • Standard individual/couple sessions (#90834) – $100 for 50 minutes.
  • Longer or shorter individual/couple sessions – $60 for 30 minutes (#90832) or $150 for up to 80 minutes (#90837).
  • Telephone Consultations (lasting 15 min or less) – FREE: New client consultation calls are always free.
  • Telephone/Skype Sessions (calls lasting longer than 15 min) – $90/hr prorated: There is no charge for brief calls (< 15 min) related to scheduling, cancelling of appointments, or other routine issues. I believe that additional telephone consultation may be suitable or even needed at times. If so, I will charge you our regular fee, prorated over the time needed. If your treatment or management requires that I have telephone communication that extends beyond 15 minutes with other professionals, you will be billed for these at the same rate as for regular therapy services.
  • Psychological assessment or diagnostic evaluation – $150/hr prorated: The details and fees of a particular assessment or evaluation will be discussed and agreed upon in advance. For example, the following types of evaluations usually require an initial session ($40) + 1 hr assessment session ($150) + report writing fees ($150) = usually $340 total.
    • evaluations of mental disorders for Family & Medical Leave (FMLA)
    • evaluations of mental disability for emotional support animals
    • evaluations of test anxiety for testing accommodations
    • evaluations of PTSD for medical marijuana permits
  • Reports and correspondence – $150/hr prorated: All reports and written correspondence over and above what is required for standard treatment will require 30 days’ notice and must be paid before the documents will be sent. It is unlikely that your insurance company will reimburse you for this fee. Reports will require 1 week preparation following assessments and evaluations.

See more info about Financial Details

See more info about Insurance Details

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My office is located at
Mercury Medical Wellness Center
35 Old Tavern Rd, Suite 101
Orange, CT 06417