Self Hypnosis

Here is a general outline for self hypnosis.

  1. Goals: positive, flexible, specific goals to write out or record beforehand.
  2. Comfortable Time & Environment: get comfortable and relaxed.
  3. Induction
    1. Relax: close eyes, relax muscles, etc.
    2. Deep Breaths & Statement: take 3 deep slow breaths, on each exhale say part of your personalized statement
    3. Breathing & Word: pay attention to your natural breathing as you say a calming word on each exhale
    4. Deepening: on each natural exhale, count backward from 10 to 1, interspersed with suggests for deeper state of relaxation, trance, meditation
    5. Imagery: safe place (experiment with different ones)
      1. Go to the safe place
      2. Notice objects that represent safety, relaxation, etc.
      3. Notice each of the senses
        1. What does it look like
        2. What do you hear
        3. What can you smell/taste
        4. What do you feel
    6. Deepening: on each natural exhale, count backward from 10 to 1, interspersed with suggestions for deeper state of relaxation, trance, meditation
  1. General Suggestions: (say or play recording) positive, motivational, goal-directed
    1. Make them positive, flexible, and specific
    2. I’m becoming more and more…
    3. I’m learning to be more and more…
    4. With each day, I’m getting increasingly better at…
    5. I am finding it easier and easier to…
  2. Post-hypnotic Suggestions: (say or play recording)
    1. When I ____ , I can ____.
    2. When I feel an urge to smoke, I can ____.
    3. When I see a cigarette, I can ____.
    4. When I smell a cigarette, I can ____.
    5. When I hear the sound of a lighter, I can ____.
    6. When I feel like I need a break, I can ____.
    7. When I feel the need to put something in my mouth, I can ____.
  3. “Give it up” to your Sub-Conscious/Brain/Body
    1. State your intention for your sub-conscious mind/brain/body to figure out how to make all of this happen
    2. Allow yourself to drift into dream-like state, allowing your mind to do whatever it needs to do (if you start “thinking”, then go ahead and end session)
    3. Wake up when you are ready
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